Dukan Diet….Day 2

So in the interest of being honest, today has been HARD LOL! I have been so hungry all day, coupled with a banger of a headache and light headedness for the past few hours. It is so bizarre to see just how filling carbs can be (even on my GF diet) when you are not able to consume them. My husband tells me I have been pretty miserable for the past two hours…so I thought I would sit down and distract myself with some therapeutic blogging 🙂

I just re-read the “Attack Phase” chapter of my Dukan Diet book…mostly to re-check if there is anything else I can eat today haha!! I must say I disagree with the fact that Dr. Dukan states to “weigh yourself daily”…did that today and did not see one ounce of change on the scale. As a result I must not look at the scale daily or it might end up getting tossed out a window (forcefully I might add).

I must say that I love my Fitbit as I am in a challenge with about 10 people from my office, and they keep me moving. I saw that others were catching up to me last night, so out I went at 10:30pm for another walk before bed. I find that evenings are the worst as I am hungry after dinner and still have 5-6 hours before bed. My goal is to stay on the Attack Phase until next Tuesday before I start Phase 2. I am actually impatiently awaiting starting that phase as I can then have vegetables along with my protein every other day.

I think my biggest hurdle right now is ME! I am already doing negative self-talk because I am so desperate for this to work. I have myself convinced that nothing will work after 20 years of yo-yo dieting, and worry that the “up to seven pounds in the first week” will not apply to me. So I am setting a goal for myself: Love thyself just a bit more.

Today’s food journal:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 5 slices of turkey bacon

Snack: 1/4 cup yogurt and galette

Lunch: chicken meatballs, salad shrimp, 1/4 cup cottage cheese

Dinner: chicken breast, two lobster tails

Water: 72 ounces and counting 🙂

FitBit activity tracker: 4.62 km’s as of 7:30pm

So Day 2…almost done, I may want to be a vegetarian before the end of the week 🙂

Face the music…again

First off I had to search like crazy to find my site…..out of sight, out of mind right?? It has been some time since I last posted and although I wish I was coming back to say “life is awesome, I am down a ton of weight”. That could not be further from the truth. I have gained more weight and I continue to be sick on a regular basis. That led me to making an appointment with my doctor to basically say “I have had enough, help me”. He ordered some more blood work and we discussed perimenopause (yeah me). He also discussed a diet called the Dukan Diet. So like a good patient I went out and bought the book and read it  all last week. Today I started the diet and am hoping to do the “Attack Phase” for seven days. The doctor is hopeful that this protein rich and clean eating diet will help with my food allergies and calm my stomach at the same time. I have continued eating gluten-free for the past two years and have never wavered, but I still maintain that there are further allergies. I am frustrated that the doctor will not just do allergy testing to give me an answer because in my opinion the last two years have been somewhat hellish…but no dice on his end and he does not agree with a holistic approach.

So here I am AGAIN…day 1 AGAIN. I won’t lie…eating protein only for seven days is not going to be easy and I have a raging headache already. I am willing to give the Dukan Diet a try, I recommend reading the book as it makes a lot of sense. My only skepticism is that will it produce results after my years of yo-yo dieting and extreme weight gain/loss. I am hoping to use this blog as an accountability tool as well as a food tracker.

Here is where I am at today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, four slices of turkey bacon

Lunch: lean pork chop, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1 pickle, 1/4 cup plain yogurt

Snack: 1 galette (Dukan recipe)

Dinner: 1/2lb mussels and 1/4 chicken

Evening Snack: 3 turkey slices with 1tsp of fat free cream cheese

One day at a time, I am accountable to me 🙂

Moving Forward Again

So today was another weigh in day and the scales went the right way – down. I lost 1.6 which again is less than expected however; I remember Weight Watchers always telling me that  healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. I am also happy with my decision to continue to eat clean BUT I am allowing myself some almond milk, beans and small amounts of cheese. I must admit that after 30 days I was having a bit of a hard time with following paleo so strict and preparing two meals each day for my family.  As well I eat on the run so much at work and that was getting hard to plan for at times.

I continue to try new recipes and am eating as much veggies as possible. I broke my Magic Bullet from making so many smoothies, so I am now going to maybe look at a juicer instead. I spent today making some snacks for my kids and they loved them. I made “No bake energy bites” and “7 calorie brownies”. I used Stevia in the brownies (I have never had it before) not quite sure if I like the taste though, I put a bit of cane sugar in them as well…not sure which contributed to the weird taste.


I also made a lentil, spinach and quinoa beef soup which my youngest son loved….I was shocked! Tomorrow I am making turkey soup using leftovers from tonight. My lunches seem to consist of a lot of soup and salads so the freezer is full of soups.

My biggest pet peeve of the week (lifetime dieters will get this) is that the people I am closest to are always the one’s that bring me down. I was excited after my weigh in, and following it I hear things like “that’s good but you have a long way to go” and “yeah but you weigh yourself after going to the bathroom” wtf?!?! (I weigh myself at 9am every saturday). Anyhow sometimes I wonder why I even bother to share my weekly weight in’s with family members lol.

So I am moving forward…happily with one less ten pound bag of potatoes on my body and some extra 🙂


Week 4 Weigh In

So it has taken me some time to get up to writing this post. I am baffled, confused and frustrated. I can honestly say that I have never worked as hard as I have over the past thirty days. I knew that when I was sick that my weight was going to go all “wonky” once I started eating again, but I NEVER expected to be where I am at. My months total weight loss went from -17lbs to -8.8. Since I started eating again, I literally have been putting on two pounds a day. I have been eating for  well over a week now and the weight keeps climbing. It has now gotten me to thinking, was paleo depriving me of what I needed and that when I got sick it literally depleted me?? So yesterday in my frustration I ate some cheese and had potato chips at a party 😦

I am eating paleo again today but it has me seriously considering whether I should do more of an Atkins as I have been eating so extremely rigid over the past month. I have so much weight to lose and I am back to thinking nothing will ever work. I don’t know why my body fights me so much and why I always take two steps forward and ten back. I want this so bad and I am simply confused. Some friends said to give it two more weeks to see if my body gets back on track again….soooo tomorrow is a new day and I have to fight this slump I am now feeling.  No fun to have the wind taken out of my sails I tell  ya.

Week 3 Weigh In

So I am feeling mixed about this weeks results..I am down 8.6lbs for a three week total of 17lbs. Now to put this week’s weight loss into context, I have been violently sick and have not eaten a thing since Tuesday and water has not been staying in so well either. So I feel that this weigh in is not a true indicator of the actual results of the week. I am also concerned with how weak I am feeling and where to start with food when I actually think I can handle some. Typically I would try popsicles, crackers, toast etc. Where to start with paleo??? I really want protein but the thought alone makes me nauseous, so I may start with a protein bar. I am kind of bummed too as next week is my 30 day weigh in and I am certain my weight will go up due to that fact my body is in starvation mode and is going to hang onto every calorie I consume once I start eating.

Just proof reading this I can tell my illness has caused me to be in a mopey mood LOL, but I kid you not the shower I took and walking down the stairs literally depleted me and left me shaking. My house is a disaster and we need groceries…..mama has no time to feel like this. I am going stir crazy too as I have not been to work since Tuesday. Praying for some good energy so I can get back to living 🙂

Week 2 Weigh In

Yeah grinning ear to ear. I am down another 2.4lbs for a two week total of 7.4lbs 🙂 This week was not as big a drop, but I will take it as good old Mother Nature just paid me a visit this month (so sorry for any male that just read that 🙂 but women know what that means for our weight each month).

Still feeling great and I have been making new recipes and trying new foods. I am gunning for my first ten pounds…imagine a ten pound bag of potatoes soon to be gone from my body forever…it’s gross when you think about the fact that I am carrying about seven bags of potatoes on my body.

Here I am grinning ear to ear, I am going to take a photo each time I reach a ten pound marker 🙂  A big step to post a pic. but this is me learning to love myself one step at a time.


Find of the Day

So out I went to do my third fresh fruit and veggie run of the week and what do I see………..


Yep a paleo bar right in my grocery store!! As a newbie to paleo I was elated and didn’t care that it cost me $3.00 for one bar. It just made my life so much easier for the times when I am eating on the run or doing long commutes with work appointments. That’s all for today…I am sighing with contentment 🙂

Slow and Steady wins the game (Paleo: Day 10)

So here I am trucking along, things are getting easier day by day and I continue to feel so much energy and I continue to not have any food allergy symptoms. In keeping with the theme of moving forward with the new year, I went out and cut off 5 inches of my hair tonight…it feels great and I do love having the angled bob hairstyle. My oldest son – not so happy. He likes my long hair. My youngest son said “mommy, you don’t look like you” LOL!

So this weeks challenge, the veggies are getting really boring REALLY fast. I must say I have had enough of eating veggies three times a day but good lord I am trying 🙂 I made zucchini patties tonight for dinner and I am currently making roasted veggies with pork for lunch tomorrow.

I also worry about the health risks of doing paleo long term e.g. cholesterol levels. I spoke with a dietician this weekend who is very anti-paleo, which had me second guessing this decision. I told her I am committing to thirty days and will then re-assess and perhaps get some blood work done.

Overall I am happy, mostly with my  commitment and willpower. This has been the hardest “diet” I have ever attempted but I feel determined and healthy. I even fought off a cold in less than 48 hours (that is normally soooo not me). Happy times, slow and steady.

And week one results are in…….

Today is day seven on my journey to better health and I just completed my first weigh in……I am down 5lbs 🙂 Initially I was thrilled but if I am being honest I did expect more. I followed the food guidelines flawlessly (to the best of my knowledge) and really focused on the core foods. So after thinking about it a bit I am wondering if my lack of exercise (due to a nasty cold right now) is the reason  why; or perhaps I am not drinking enough water. Those are now my two goals for this upcoming week.

I really have to say that other than this cold, I feel awesome. I have not had any stomach pains this week, no headaches and I have not been running to the bathroom constantly (as this has been a routine for the past two years). Despite feeling sick I have so much energy and have been wide awake each day. The hunger pains have slowly been going away and when I do get uncomfortable I will grab some almonds and an apple.

I am discovering new foods and cooking styles with various oils and spices and have really gotten creative – my version of an egg muffin was placed between lettuce and it was awesome. We are off and running baby 🙂

“You’re gonna hear me ROAR”


It’s a Katy Perry kinda day and I feel good. Got this above image sent to me by a good friend after I made myself vulnerable and showed her my blog, and it almost made me cry. I feel strong today, the hunger pains were not present and I made some good food choices. I scoured any Paleo recipes I could find (gotta love Pinterest) and it has given me a ton of ideas. I also cannot believe that I have already gone through $40 worth of produce since saturday, so out I went in the minus thirty five temps. today to go buy fifty dollars more. I cooked and prepped my lunch for tomorrow and have dinner all planned out too.

Annnnddd great now I am in tears as I watch the Biggest Loser. They brought back Abbey (she lost her husband and two children in a car accident) and she is speaking about taking control. She still looks great and I can still hear her ROAR.

Now that I have recovered I also have to smile as the last time I was watching the Biggest Loser last year, I did it while eating popcorn and diet soda….yikes.

I have been reading a lot about Paleo and part of the lifestyle is about managing your stress and here is where I have to be real – parenting my seven and nine year old boys causes HUGE stress. So we sat down tonight and had a family meeting and I told them we will be starting a daily chore chart as well  as a token program with incentives . We listed all the things they can do to earn “tickets” as well as ways to lose the tickets. We then came up with “prizes” they can earn with their tickets (some small and some large). My oldest went to bed and earned 6 tickets for the night and my youngest  (also my firecracker) earned 3. So hopefully this new beginning helps me manage my stress at home, we all know that a happy wife means a happy life 🙂

Today’s battle: I keep going to the  scale – it has always been my mortal enemy. My goal is to stay away from it  until my first weigh in day on saturday. I do get stuck on the numbers and I am so desperate for this to work as WW and calorie tracking AND going gluten free did nothing to change the weight last year. That is my weakness and that is my biggest fear right now. I am determined to be a successful woman.